Wine Recommendations Suitable For Christmas Day

Wine Recommendations Suitable For Christmas Day

Wolf Blass’ Fire & Blood Cabernet Shiraz

The successful Game of Thrones prequel series, House of the Dragon, features an exclusive collaboration with Wolf Blass. Wolf Blass presents the wine with three different designs inspired by the story of the series. This ‘House of the Dragon’ series is interpreted with a blend of Australian Cabernet Sauvignon (52%) and Shiraz (48%). Cabernet imparts a lighter and more elegant taste, while Shiraz compensates by imparting a fruity taste and velvety texture to the palate. This combination then undergoes a mature system with a mixture of French and American oak. This wine can be enjoyed with several main menus, such as steak, barbecue and cured meat.

Fuenteseca Organic 2019 White Wine

This white wine from Spain can be a new candidate for the anniversary celebration. This. This wine is recommended by to be enjoyed as an appetizer. Pale yellow in color with a slight greenish tint, the hallmark of this wine is the aroma of fennel mixed with apricot rind. The finish is quite durable, so it can be enjoyed with small talk without feeling rushed into the main course.

Calendula Real Grand Reserve 2014

If your main course is meat and steak, then this classic wine from Spain is perfect as a companion. This wine has a bright cherry red color, with notes of apricot and chocolate. Cédula Real Gran Reserva is also described as having a taste on the palate as round, broad, and well balanced. Therefore, this wine is highly recommended for consumption at festive times because for wine fans, Cédula Real Gran Reserva is worth tasting on special occasions.

Calvet Chablis

Want something different comes from th. previously? Choose non-meat and steak main dishes. For example, substituting fish and seafood dishes or tuna sashimi and raw salmon. For that, the Calvet Chablis wine is the right choice. This wine originating from France is famous for its dominant mineral taste and citrus aroma.

Tips for Pairing Wine With Food

Smoked Salmon Canapés / Smoked Salmon Canapés

This one food is rich in taste and a bit fatty, so that it tastes good in the mouth and isn’t bad, we chose a dry wine (not dry, but dry means a wine with low sugar content or not sweet). For recommendations, white wine (white wine) such as Chablis, dry Chardonnay and Riesling from Germany can be the right choice.

Roasted Turkey / Roast Turkey

In the past, Roast Turkey was rarely served in Indonesia. But now there are several restaurants that serve Roast Turkey, which is great. Those who haven’t tried it before, please try it. Now for Roast Turkey, try mixing it with a white wine that has a heavier texture like Oaked Chardonnay (meaning this wine was previously stored in Oak Wood Barrels) so the texture is even creamier, heavier and has a scent like vanilla, etc.

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