What Are the Reasons Someone Becomes a Drug Addict?

What Are the Reasons Someone Becomes a Drug Addict?

There are certain factors that make a person more susceptible to addiction, such as genetics, physical and psychological trauma, a history of mental disorders, and impulsivity. Besides that, there are various other things that can influence a person’s decision to start using drugs, and eventually become addicted. Here’s the review.

Environmental Influence

Environment also plays an important role in the emergence of a person’s addiction. One of the most common reasons why someone is tempted to try drugs is from outside influences, either directly or indirectly — especially people they often meet or idolize, including parents, friends, siblings, and even celebrities. We live in an era where drug use is openly discussed and even promoted by important people. This then influences curiosity and triggers the desire to experiment.


According to https://cloud9cannabisme.com/ Curiosity is a natural human instinct. Many teenagers who become drug addicts are started by experimenting with drugs and alcohol out of curiosity about what it feels like. Many teenagers even though they know that drugs are bad, they don’t believe it will happen to them so they decide to try it. There are also those who use drugs to gain recognition of their social status, as well as to experience the same experience as their friends.

Addiction By Unintentional

Some pain relievers are very easy to abuse due to their “naesthetic” effect, even in unintentional cases. One of them is opiate drugs. Initially, opiates (such as oxycodone, percocet, vicodin, or fentanyl) are prescribed by doctors to treat excruciating pain. Opium drugs are indeed very effective for dealing with unbearable pain, for example during cancer therapy or post-surgical care.

There are also those who use ecstasy to relieve symptoms of excessive anxiety in certain social situations. However, over time, the body may develop a tolerance to the effects of this drug, so some people are inclined to increase their dose without consulting a doctor. This is what causes them to gradually become dependent on the drug.

Addiction By Choice

Many of us deliberately indulge in addictive substances, such as alcohol or the nicotine from cigarettes. For most people, drinking is not addictive because they are able to balance or control themselves and seek alternative pleasures, such as spending time with family or pursuing other hobbies.

Some people decide to abuse prescription drugs for people with ADHD, such as Adderall, to help them concentrate better on studies or lose weight.

People who are prone to addiction tend to experience the strongest sensations of increased dopamine when they try the thing that triggers it for the first time. Therefore, it may be difficult for them to maintain that balance next time and choose to satisfy their cravings by returning to the opiate.

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