Veterinary Fees Are Based on the Place of Practice

Veterinary Fees Are Based on the Place of Practice

Speaking of veterinary consultation rates actually vary. This will depend on the type of disease, the treating veterinarian, and the doctor’s office itself.

Before knowing the cost of going to the vet, you should know the following types of veterinary practices:

1. Independent Practice

An independent veterinary practice is a veterinary medical service business run by one veterinarian individually. Everything, including the management and determination of veterinary costs, is managed and determined independently.

The hallmark of this independent veterinary practice is the use of a personal name on the nameplate of the place of practice.

The cost of a veterinarian who practices independently depends on the veterinarian’s policy.

However, the average price of going to a private practice veterinarian is around IDR 100,000 to IDR 200,000 for one consultation session.

2. Joint Veterinary Practice (PDHB)

The next type of veterinary practice is PDHB. This practice is a practice run by several veterinarians in one practice.

Unlike an independent veterinary practice, here there are several veterinarians in charge. Veterinary fees for each treatment certainly vary depending on the location and the policy of the person in charge of the PDHB.

However, the price range is not much different from an independent animal practice, namely IDR 50,000 to IDR 200,000.

3. Puskeswan

Just like humans, animals also have a health service center called Puskeswan. Run by the government, Puskeswan is one of the UPTs (technical service units) under the Department of Agriculture, Livestock in the City and Regency.

The fees for veterinarians at Puskeswan are more affordable because they are regulated in local regulations. In Jakarta, for example, Puskeswan rates are regulated in the Governor Regulation (PERGUB) of the Province of the Special Capital Region of Jakarta Number 64 of 2017.

4. Veterinary Clinic

A veterinary clinic is a place of business for veterinary medical services which is run by a management led by a veterinarian in charge and has facilities for observing animals with certain health problems.

Generally, clinics are run privately and individually with a structured management arrangement. Here, there are more than one veterinarian with one coordinating or responsible veterinarian.

Compared to independent practice and PDHB, animal clinics have more complete equipment and already have laboratories. Veterinary fees at animal clinics are also usually more expensive because the facilities are more complete.

5. Animal Hospital

If you want to get a more complete examination, then you can go to the Animal Hospital. Veterinary hospitals are usually used as referrals by independent veterinary clinics and practices.

Not only is it managed by the private sector, currently, several universities that have Veterinary Medicine Faculties have Veterinary Teaching Hospitals as a place to study for prospective veterinarians.

Then, there are also animal hospitals that are specifically managed by the provincial government, one of which is the West Java Provincial Animal Hospital in Cikole.

For veterinary fees, it depends on the hospital. Usually, in addition to services, you also have to pay registration fees and administration fees, which vary in number.

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