Vegetables Most Often Used for BBQ

Vegetables Most Often Used for BBQ

Barbeque or better known as BBQ is a cooking technique that is very popular with people if they want to enjoy meat. This cooking technique has been around for a long time, namely around the 15th century. At that time, it was known that the Taino tribe on the Caribbean island was the first to use this cooking method. They grill meat using firewood when they gather. This cooking method then developed rapidly because food that was grilled would have a smoky aroma and unique taste when compared to food cooked using other methods. Usually, meat is the main ingredient for BBQ, starting from beef, chicken, fish, shrimp, and so on. But apart from meat, there are also vegetables that are often used for BBQ. Below we will discuss some vegetables that are often used for BBQ according to

1. Onions

The first vegetable most often used for BBQ is onions. This vegetable is usually grilled alongside meat because onions can make the meat smell more fragrant. Plus, if eaten with meat, the taste will be even more delicious due to the caramelization process of the onions which makes them taste sweeter after roasting.

2. Garlic

Apart from onions, there are other types of onions that are also often used for BBQ. The difference with onions is that garlic is usually not roasted or eaten raw with grilled meat. Some people also like to grill it until the texture is slightly soft. The use of garlic is not only to add flavor but also to add aroma.

3. Lettuce Leaves

Not only garlic is eaten raw, lettuce leaves are also suitable to be eaten raw with BBQ meat. Lettuce leaves are a vegetable that is often used for BBQs because they are usually used to wrap meat after grilling. There are some people who like to dip the grilled meat in sauce first and then wrap it in lettuce leaves, but there are also those who eat it straight away with lettuce leaves.

4. Paprika

In Western countries, paprika is very often used for BBQ. Paprika has three types, namely red, yellow and green. Of the three, green peppers are most often used because they have a slightly spicy taste compared to other peppers which tend to have a sweet taste. Before being grilled on a BBQ grill, peppers are usually sliced first so they cook quickly and are easy to consume.

5. Asparagus

Next, there is asparagus which is also widely used by people in Western countries as a vegetable for BBQ. Asparagus has a crunchy texture even when grilled, so it can provide a unique texture when eaten with BBQ. Even though it requires a longer grilling time than other vegetables, the taste you get is no less delicious than other vegetables when combined with BBQ meat.

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