Understanding Swimming Sports

Understanding Swimming Sports

Swimming is carried out for various purposes, whether for refreshing, fun or professional contests. In villages, we can see people swimming in rivers. Visit bear athlon

In coastal areas, we see several children playing and practicing their swimming skills on the beach. In the city, we find many swimming pools as places to do this sport.

There are several suggestions that state the meaning of this sport, but in short, swimming is a sport that is done in water, by moving the body (hands and feet) so as not to drown.

Long before the sport of swimming was officially released, swimming had been practiced for centuries. Paintings of swimmers were found on the walls of the Swimmer’s Cave not far from Wadi Sora, Gilf Kebir, Egypt, so evidence of swimming has been clearly documented since prehistoric times. The paintings in the cave depict people swimming freestyle and similar types of animals when swimming.

Is it true that there were free types at that time? According to Badruzzaman, the availability of wax stamps depicting 4 swimmers using freestyle in 400 to 900 BC, could be evidence that freestyle existed long ago.

The Romans and Greeks of ancient times made the ability to swim a fundamental consideration for military purposes. It is recommended that a soldier can survive in any situation, including drowning or surviving in water. Some warriors, knights and samurai were required to be able to ride horses, cultivate, archery, hunt, sing and swim.

Umbrella Organization for the Sport of Swimming

Swimming’s international umbrella organization, Fédération Internationale de Natation (FINA), was created on July 19, 1908 at the Manchester Hotel, London, England. At that time, FINA was initiated by eight swimming unions, namely Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Hungary, Great Britain, Germany, France and Sweden. This organization also covers diving, water polo, ice swimming and open water swimming. Currently this organization is headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland. These sports are included by FINA in the FINA World Swimming Championships.

For national reasons, swimming and similar sports are under the protection of the Indonesian Swimming Association (PRSI). This organization was founded in Jakarta on March 21, 1951. Previously, in Indonesia there were only so many swimming pools. But these media remained very few only because they were accessible to the nobility and some Dutch people.

However, when Japan came to Indonesia, swimming pools were opened to the general public. Since then, more and more Indonesians have been able to do swimming in swimming pools.

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