Types of Residential Types That Exist in the World

Types of Residential Types That Exist in the World

Single Residential House

A single residence or what is often referred to as a separate house is a residence that is separate from other houses or stands alone. This type of house is generally only used for one family and the distance is far from one house to another.

Included in this type of house are, for example, villas, bungalows, mansions and cottages. These single dwelling houses are generally built on a wider area of land and are generally surrounded by a large yard or yard as well. There are also single greenhouse houses, now you can find out how to build a green house very easily.

Koppel Residential House

Couplings are single dwellings that are separated or partitioned off by one wall and are the same size on the right and left. When viewed in detail, this type of house can appear as if it has one design plan when in fact there are two houses.

In our own country, there are several types of buildings that use this type of duplex. For example, Dutch heritage buildings in tea plantations in West Java, such as the Garut and Bandung areas. The concept of this house is generally built to save land.


In Indonesia, apartments are the most popular type of house. This property has 56k search traffic. Many enthusiasts get this residence because of the location of life which is generally in urban areas, providing practical and also modern services, especially for young people.

Apartments have a shape that resembles flats, but are designed to be more luxurious and placed in important places, such as office areas or business centers. In addition, apartments are often equipped with various services such as shopping centers, fitness centers, swimming pools, and so on.


You may already be familiar with the name shophouse, which is available almost all over Indonesia. Reporting from https://quadramerida.com/ this type of residence has the 2nd highest search volume on Google, with 19 thousand search results.

A shop house, as the name suggests, is a building that is used both as a house and as a shop (place of business). Shophouses generally consist of two to five floors. The house or residential area is on the top floor, while the ground floor is used as a shop or business area.

Site House

Why is it called a tread house? Because the building of this house immediately treads with the ground. In earlier times, this type of landed house was separated from one house to another.

However, as time went on and land prices became more expensive, this landed house was built side by side with other houses. This means that on the walls of the house one with the other hand in hand or in a row. But walls like that are prone to cracks, therefore identify the causes of structural cracks in the walls of the house so you can handle them as early as possible.


In general, Indonesians can type Cluster or cluster to find it in search engines. This type of house is included in the search with the third largest volume level, with a result of 11 thousand.

This residence has the same type of house and type, and also the same as the barriers between houses which are only concrete not fences. Clusters generally appear in housing complexes that are built in groups. By buying this type of house, it means you are buying the land and the building at the same time.


The next type of house type is an apartment building that is like a hotel but has exclusive services. Usually, this type of residence is located in Bali or Jakarta. This property can be used by condo owners either on a special basis or as an object for rent. This residence is an investment tool because of its attractive and profitable concept.

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