Types of Liquor that You Must Know

Types of Liquor that You Must Know

We can now see quite a lot of various types of liquor circulating in Indonesia. Starting from locally produced products, as well as those imported from foreign countries.

Misuse can endanger health because the alcohol content in liquor usually comes from ethanol, methanol and isopropanol. This alcohol is created from the fermentation of certain materials, such as ethanol which is produced from yeast, sugar and starch.

1. Wine

Just hearing the word wine feels quite familiar to our ears. Moreover, in Indonesia it is more often called red wine or amer.

Reporting from ajs sports bar Fermented red grapes are the main ingredient for making wine, with varying alcohol levels. For example, the alcohol content of red, white or sparkling wine is around 10% (percent) to 20% (percent).

2. Beer

The oldest and most famous, that is the most suitable name for this alcoholic drink. Beer is made from starch that is not distilled after fermentation.

The average beer tastes bitter and only contains 5% alcohol. However, beer has many other variants in terms of taste, color and alcohol content.

3. Whiskey

After beer and wine, whiskey has become very popular too. Has a bottle that is designed to be more masculine with a higher alcohol content than his comrades, reaching 40%, sometimes even higher.

4. Sake

Originating from the country of cherry blossoms, sake is a typical Japanese drink that is famous throughout the world.

Sake is made only from rice which of course goes through fermentation. The alcohol content is only around 17%.

5. Soju

Soju is a distilled drink originating from Korea. This drink is identical to the green bottle, the use of soju in Korea itself is like drinking tea after eating.

Soju alcohol content varies, 16.8% (percent) to 53% (percent). Even though it comes from a neighboring country, soju is a little different from its neighbors. The alcohol content is much higher than sake.

Usually soju is made from wheat, barley, rice, sweet potatoes with an alcohol content that can reach 46%.

6. Rum

Are you a sugarcane juice lover? Be surprised because Rum is a liquor resulting from fermentation and distillation of sugar cane juice.

The alcohol content in Rum is 40%, this is sugar cane juice which can easily make you drunk and unconscious.

7. Champagne

Champagne is an alcoholic drink that also comes from fermented grapes, but it is white in color with an alcohol content of only 12%.

Champagne is another type of wine that originates from France. Because of its high price, this alcoholic drink was considered luxurious and only rich people could enjoy it at any time.

8. Vodka

A liquor that originates from Russia, namely vodka. Judging from its original production in Russia and surrounding countries, vodka is produced from the fermentation of cereals.

However, in several other countries in Europe, yeast and sugar solution alone are enough to make vodka.

The alcohol content is 38% in the original, and from production in other countries the level can reach 60% alcohol.

9. Wine

Arak is a liquor originally produced from countries in Southeast Asia. the alcohol content ranges from 33 to 50 percent.

Usually arak is made from fermented coconut sap, but in different countries it is made using different ingredients, such as sugar cane, seeds and fruit juice.

10. Tuak

The Batak tribe is the tribe that originally made and consumed this palm wine drink. This liquor, originally from North Sumatra, only has 4% alcohol content.

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