Triggering a Deadly Disease, This Dog Food Product is Withdrawn from Distribution

Triggering a Deadly Disease, This Dog Food Product is Withdrawn from Distribution

A popular dog food product in Australia has recalled several of its products after a number of dogs suffered from megaosophageal disease.

Quoted from the Australiaplus page , Tuesday, this rare, incurable disease can cause the esophagus – a dog’s esophagus to enlarge abnormally and can prevent them from swallowing or absorbing food.

Mars Petcare Australia said Advance Dermocare dry food in three kilogram, eight kilogram and 15 kilogram packages had been recalled from circulation.

«We have run hundreds of tests on Advance Dermocare products and no link has been found between the ( condition and our products,» said a statement on the brand’s website.

«Regardless, we are voluntarily recalling these products as a temporary precautionary measure. We are trying to get to the bottom of this problem as soon as possible,» he added.

Dog owners who have purchased any of these affected products are urged to return them to the place of purchase for a full replacement.

This announcement comes after a Victorian police dog was euthanized after suffering from megaesophagus, and eight other dogs fell ill.

In South Australia state, the Department of Correctional Services said one of its two dogs diagnosed with the disease had to be euthanized this month.

«The Department of Correctional Services has notified the food manufacturer, and has sent samples of the food for testing and is awaiting the results,» a spokesperson for the department said.

Efforts to Identify Causes

The department is still awaiting autopsy results to determine the cause of death, but would not comment on whether the brand given to the dog was Advance Dermocare.

An SA Police spokesman said there were «no issues» with their dogs.

Victoria Police declined to comment further on this matter when asked for comment on Sunday, March 25 2018.

Concerned pet owners should contact their veterinarian.

This Stray Dog Is Traumatized

The stray dog ​​looked happy when the woman gave it food. However, it seems the dog was traumatized when someone gave it food from inside the car.

“My friends and I were on our way to the park when we saw the stray dog. He started crying when we gave him food and I tried to put him in our car. He refused and jumped back onto the road,” the woman told the Xiaoxiang Morning Post.

“The dog was afraid we would catch it like a snatch dog, because that’s what they would do – lure the dog to the car with food before running away,” he continued.

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