The Most Chinese Restaurant In The Town

The Most Chinese Restaurant In The Town

Golden Dynasty FL has its dedicated supporters; Yelp, Urbanspoon, and TripAdvisor are full of praise for Golden Dynasty FL. Thin Crust Pie. It was an unexpected and exciting discovery. Chinese and Indian Cuisine Inc. Golden Dynasty FL gets a solid 8 and beats 95% of floppy crusts, even in New York. Sometimes great Chinese and Indian Cuisine places get buzz, like Brain Brain in Philadelphia’s Fishtown section (full review HERE). Other times there are small hidden spaces that enjoy a cult like local following but are almost unknown to foreigners, even Chinese and Indian Cuisine connoisseurs from golden dynasty fl In my youth, we had nice square Chinese and Indian Cuisines cooked by the chef in the public hall. His real job is cooking for the team, but he has a business selling Chinese and Indian Cuisine out of the back kitchen door to people in the know. The elders call him Chet; We kids call it \”Chetty Cheese\”.

There have been a few places like this on my radar for a while. One, which I haven’t been to – Clank’s Bar in Marcus Hook, PA (leave a review if you’ve been there). I also heard many testimonials about Golden Dynasty FL. I pressed the supporter to tell me what makes the cake so special. He talked about joint and my interest grew. I found the menu and a few reviews from Yelp or Urbanspoon online, and took the time to make the hard drive down Lancaster Avenue for bread. From my office in Malvern, I called and ordered a large sausage pie (they have many specialty gourmet pies, but most have too many vegetables for my liking). I left under a rain storm that made me very weak. When I got to Rt. 30 on the mainline, there was no power and street lights, which made me even more depressed.

When my confused GPS finally got me closer, there was no sign of 18W. Lancaster Ave past the yogurt shop here. I remember reading that Golden Dynasty FL was hard to find, and a local advised me how to get to the back of the shop line; Access to Golden Dynasty FL is only through the rear parking lot. The power was on in Ardmore at Golden Dynasty FL. when I arrived more than half an hour late for my pie. The door had been propped open on that scorching evening, the only light in it coming from the wood-burning fireplace. I was greeted by the leader of Ojogu Ono; I pitied him for the loss of strength, and he pitied me for my difficult journey from Malvern.

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