The choice of simple tattoos

The choice of simple tattoos and their meaning that suits you

Tattoos are a work of art that people usually use not only as a way of decoration, but also as a form of appreciation and self-expression. Apart from that, tattoos can also be a means of perpetuating an important moment that takes place in one’s life. Therefore, determining the shape, color and size of the tattoo cannot be arbitrary. Because, each picture must represent a message for the owner.

1. A simple tattoo with the name of a lover

Many people choose to write the name of their lover on the body permanently. This tattoo has a meaning as a symbol of love and principle for a partner and includes a lasting interaction like a tattoo image. Even though it has the meaning of love, making a tattoo with the name of a lover on the body requires careful consideration and unanimous decision. Because, drawing a tattoo yourself with the name of the idol of the heart is sometimes not the right choice. Especially if the interaction status that you live is not permanent, like dating.

For those who are still interested in this tattoo, now, anyway, you don’t have to worry. The technology for removing tattoos has long been sophisticated and convenient, so you don’t have to regret it unless your relationship doesn’t last as long as a tattoo on your body littlearttattoo.

2. A simple heart-shaped tattoo

Of course the heart symbol is the simplest to describe the meaning of love. Therefore, the heart symbol can be a simple tattoo choice and has a meaning that suits you. Apart from love, heart tattoos can also symbolize other things according to the color you choose, you know. For example, red can be assumed as a symbol of romance. However, you can also choose a heart tattoo in black. Because, the black heart can also be assumed to symbolize deep love.

3. Butterfly Tattoo

Butterflies are insects that symbolize beauty and beauty. Therefore, butterflies are often found as tattoo images on a person’s body.

In addition to beauty and beauty, the phases of life that originate from insects that were originally caterpillar-shaped are considered too philosophical. Where is the moment when the insect struggles to emerge from its cocoon, it can be assumed as a symbol of rebirth, and also change.

For those of you who want to express this, butterflies can be a simple tattoo choice with a meaning that suits you. In addition, in more than one world culture the butterfly also has a wide variety of meanings.

For example, like in Japan and in Greece, the butterfly has the meaning of one’s soul. Meanwhile, in China, the butterfly is often assumed as a symbol of love.

4. A simple triangular tattoo

Of the many symbols, you can choose a triangle as a tattoo with a fairly simple appearance but has a strong message. Yup, even though it’s simple, a triangle tattoo has quite a lot of meaning. One of the most common is the interaction of the geometrical factors of the later symbol which has a connection with the number 3, where the latter number is considered sacred by many cultures.

The triangle can also have meaning as a family interaction, representing the present, past, and future or especially as a symbol originating from the man himself. For those of you who want to make a tattoo to express these various things, of course a triangle can be the right choice.

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