The best player in the history of world football released by FIFA

The best player in the history of world football released by FIFA

The long history of world football has featured many big names of players who have extraordinary abilities.

So it is very natural that FIFA is celebrating 100 years of the existence of FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association).

World football’s governing body in March 2004 released the FIFA 100, a selection of great players from throughout football’s history to honor their contribution to the sport.

And as a tribute, FIFA appointed the Brazilian football legend, Pele’. He served as one of several football celebrities selected by FIFA to select the 100 best players in history according to

Alfredo Di Stefano

This legendary football player was born on July 4 1926 and has won various awards throughout his career. Alfredo Di Stefano is often also called Seta Rubia. During his career he won the category as “Best Spanish Player” 4 times during his career, you know.

He also managed to win awards such as the Ballon d’Or in 1957 and 1959. Even one of the legendary players, Michel Platini, also acknowledged Alfredo Di Stefano’s greatness, you know. His intelligence when competing made him very admired by many people. Unfortunately Alfredo Di Stefano has passed away since July 7 2014.

Diego Maradona

Diego Maradona can be said to have a smaller body than the football players on his team. However, Diego Maradona has good ball control skills, you know. This soccer player, born on October 30 1960, also won various prestigious matches such as FIFA, the World Cup Golden Ball and also the World Cup Golden Shoe.

Diego Maradona is also known as a brave, genius and skilled player. This skill brought his hometown Argentina to win a prestigious match. He has also won the Copa Del Rey and Supercopa Espana for his club, Barcelona.

Johan Cruyff

This football player from Amsterdam, the Netherlands was a pioneer who brought the brilliant idea that shocked the world, namely “Total Football” to Ajax, Barcelona and the Dutch national team. Johan Cruyff and his team also won several league titles and 3 European championships, you know.

Johan Cruyff is also no less than other legendary football players. He won the Ballon d’Or award 3 times in 1971, 1973 and 1974. This football player also won the World Cup Golden Ball in 1974 and led his team to second place in the 1974 World Cup. left us on March 24 2016.

Lionel Messi

This player from Argentina is in third place as the best soccer player of all time, you know. Lionel Messi, who comes from Argentina, is known for his free kick style. Messi is also known as a playmaker who is able to direct the ball so that his teammates can score goals perfectly.

Messi has won the Ballon d’Or award six times. He has also won prestigious matches such as the Champions League, FIFA Club World Cup and FIFA Best Player.

Kylian Mbappe

This soccer player was born on December 20, 1998 and is still considered very young for the career path and success he has achieved to date. During the 2018 World Cup, the 23 year old Mbappe won his match and contributed to the country for his victory.

He currently plays as a forward for Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) and the French national team. To date, Mbappe has scored 25 goals in 24 matches in all competitions, you know.

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