Services and Products in Opening New Towing Service

Services and Products in Opening New Towing Service

When opening a new towing service, offering a variety of services and products can help diversify your business and cater to a wider range of customer needs. Here are some services and products you might consider offering:


  1. Emergency Towing: Provide 24/7 emergency towing services for vehicles involved in accidents, breakdowns, or other roadside emergencies.
  2. Roadside Assistance: Offer roadside assistance services such as jump-starts, tire changes, lockout assistance, fuel delivery, and battery replacements.
  3. Vehicle Recovery: Include vehicle recovery services for vehicles stuck in ditches, mud, snow, or other challenging situations.
  4. Long-Distance Towing: Offer long-distance towing services for customers requiring transportation of their vehicles over extended distances.
  5. Specialized Towing: Consider offering specialized towing services for motorcycles, classic cars, or larger vehicles like RVs or trucks.
  6. Winching Services: Provide winching services for vehicles that are off-road, stuck in difficult terrain, or need to be pulled out of precarious situations.
  7. Impound and Storage: Offer impound services for vehicles involved in accidents or illegally parked vehicles, along with secure storage facilities.
  8. Vehicle Transport: Provide transportation services for non-operational vehicles or those needing transportation for repairs or relocation.


  1. Towing Equipment: Sell towing equipment such as towing straps, chains, winches, and towing hitches to customers or other businesses.
  2. Auto Accessories: Offer a selection of auto accessories like car batteries, tire inflators, emergency kits, and other items useful for motorists.
  3. Safety Gear: Sell safety gear such as reflective vests, warning triangles, and flares that can be essential for both towing operators and motorists in emergency situations.
  4. Vehicle Care Products: Offer products like car cleaning supplies, waxes, polishes, and interior care products for customers looking to maintain their vehicles.

When deciding on services and products, consider the demand in your area, customer preferences, and what complements your primary towing services. Providing a range of services and products can attract more customers and help establish your towing service as a comprehensive solution for various vehicle-related needs. Additionally, ensure that you comply with any local regulations or licensing requirements related to the services and products you offer

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