Seafood Restaurant in Jakarta, Guaranteed Very Delicious

Most Favorite Seafood Restaurant in Jakarta, Guaranteed Very Delicious

Seafood restaurants in Jakarta are always full of visitors. Many people like seafood or seafood. Although some may not really like one or two seafood, but the average person likes seafood. Some people already know that seafood is high in protein and rich in fiber. It’s just that, not all seafood is easy to process. Well, several seafood restaurants in Jakarta understand how to cook seafood that is guaranteed to taste really good. Most Favorite Seafood Restaurant in Jakarta, Guaranteed Very Delicious hip hop crab.

Fish Streat

If in the past the Fish n Chips menu was always priced at an expensive price, now you can eat this menu at Fish Streat at an affordable price. That’s why this seafood restaurant in Jakarta has a lot of fans. Just imagine, you can enjoy crunchy and fat Fried Fish along with yummy pasta for only IDR 34,000. The taste is also delicious, the fish is tasty, the texture is soft on the inside, and it goes well with spaghetti wrapped in marinara sauce.

Laguna Cottage

Pecenongan is a culinary paradise in Central Jakarta. You can find all kinds of food in this area, from old school restaurants, modern martabak, to seafood in Jakarta. Talking about seafood in Pecenongan, Pondok Laguna can be a destination that you must visit. This restaurant, which is tens of years old, has Fried Gurame which is unrivaled. Gurame is deep fried until dry, the texture is crunchy, but the meat is very soft.

This menu is even more delicious when eaten with Balacan Kale or Sauteed Mushrooms which also taste topnotch. Don’t forget, add calamari which is fried in flour and dipped in a special sauce in the food package ordered. Guaranteed can not stop chewing until finished.

Seafood Screen

Moving on to the West Jakarta area, there is Layar Seafood which was previously popular in Surabaya. This seafood restaurant in Jakarta will make you crazy about its Fried Squid in Salted Egg Sauce. The sauce is very thick and tastes legit. When mixed with fried squid, the taste won’t disappoint you. Creamy, but not overly so. All seafood here is served fresh. Because of that, it feels like a winner. For large family dining events, Layar Seafood is the most recommended. Come on, try it!

The Holy Crab

Eating premium quality crabs now doesn’t have to spend a lot of money. At The Holy Crab, you can eat THC Classic to your heart’s content, which contains Sausages, Crab, Shrimp, Clams, and Corn in abundance. It’s all served with a special sauce that is delicious as a dip or poured directly over these foods.

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