Sabang Marine Tourism Destination, Paradise Marine Park

Sabang Marine Tourism Destination, Paradise Marine Park

The Gate to Indonesia’s Maritime Wealth is the theme used in the 2023 Sabang Marine Festival. The event which is included in the Kharisma Event Archipelago list will be held on March 17-19 2023 in the Tugu Merah Putih area and around the Port of Sabang Bay. The theme of the grand event above seems to strengthen the potential of the Sabang Marine tourism destination.

In fact, many tourists already know that Sabang has a beautiful sea. The water is clear blue, kept clean. The beach environment is beautiful and partly unspoiled. No less interesting, the underwater charm of Sabang cannot be underestimated. Lots of people get hooked on it. So that you are happy to spend as much time on Sabang marine tourism as you like.

Iboy Beach

Reporting from bocasmarina the sea is blue and clear as if calling anyone who approaches. Get ready to give a beautiful view in it. Aquatic animals move freely around coral reefs of various shapes and colors. Being an absolute beauty that can be obtained by snorkeling or diving. Don’t worry about equipment, because at Iboih Sabang Beach there are many diving equipment rentals.

If you don’t want to get wet, Kawanjo can do other activities on Iboih beach. Take a boat with a glass floor, for example, which still shows the underwater beauty of Sabang. Or you can also comb the soft sand by trekking around the beach. Try stopping by the rows of souvenir stalls and culinary stalls.

Three Wells Beach

Sabang is also known as the city of a thousand fortresses. One of the forts in Sabang is on Tiga Sumur Beach. Precisely is the fortress of Japanese heritage.

Apart from the fort, there is also another uniqueness in the form of three fresh water wells near the beach. This beach which is located in Gampong Le Meulee, Pulau Weh, has the origin of the name.

Ruby Island

Marine tourism in Sabang Aceh is so named, because there is a grave of a woman named Cut Nyak Rubiah in its area. Rubiah Island is also known as a paradise for marine parks. Because like a giant aquarium, this 26 hectare island has an underwater landscape with various charming decorations.

For fans of snorkeling and diving, it is mandatory to go to this island when visiting Aceh tourist destinations. Swimming and diving will be hard to get bored. Because there are a variety of corals with various colors and shapes. Around it are various marine biota typical of the tropical seas of Sabang. Such as angel fish, gigantic clams, lion fish, and others.

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