Restaurant and Coffee Shop Viral on TikTok, Must Try

Restaurant and Coffee Shop Viral on TikTok, Must Try

TikTok is no longer just an entertainment platform. This short video-based social media is now a means of sharing interesting information, including recommendations for current restaurants and coffee shops. You can find unique and delicious places to eat in Jakarta that are viral on TikTok and are the target of millennials. Here are the recommendations!

1. Claypot Popo

Claypot Popo is one of the restaurant’s hidden gems that has been talked about a lot lately. This restaurant provides Chinese home cooking served on claypots. Popo’s signature Claypot menu that you must try includes beef claypot with garlic and fried misua claypot. Claypot Popo is in a small shop. If the restaurant is busy, visitors need to line up outside first. Even though it’s tiny, the dining area is quite comfortable and homey thanks to old Chinese lanterns and ornaments. Location: Claypot Popo Sabang Jalan Haji Agus Salim No 23 B, Kebon Sirih, Menteng, Central Jakarta/ Claypot Popo Melawai Jalan Melawai 9 No 38, Melawai, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta.

2. SORE Izakaya

SORE Izakaya offers a variety of Japanese specialties. This restaurant also offers a unique view of Tokyo. While enjoying your meal, you can see the MRT passing between the tall buildings of the capital city from the restaurant’s rooftop. Some of the menus that you can taste here include shrimp mayo cakuwe, mentai beef cheese, and yakitori. No need to worry about the price. The food and drinks available at SORE Izakaya are quite affordable, starting from Rp. 15 – 30 thousand. Location: Jalan RS Fatmawati Raya No 39, Cipete, Cilandak, South Jakarta.

3. HaoHao Dimsum

Are you looking for a good dimsum place to eat? Hao Hao Dimsum can be one of your references, Urbanreaders. This shop provides a variety of authentic but halal Chinese food. Some of Hao Hao Dimsum’s mainstay menus that you must try here include, shu mai mentai, salted egg dumplings, chicken feet, and Hainam rice. Prices for food and drinks at HaoHao Dimsum are also quite affordable, starting from IDR 5,000 – IDR 50,000 per portion. You can also choose the bundling package menu, starting at IDR 110,000. The location of Hao Hao Dimsum is quite remote and prone to getting lost because it enters a housing complex. The dining area is in the form of a shop-house and is not that spacious for more than five people to dine in.

4. Lukulocal

This Greek Donuts snack shop went viral on TikTok because of its unique interior. Lukulokal offers a tropical island atmosphere. The building is dominated by white and blue Caribbean style houses on Santorini. The choice of toppings varies with quite affordable prices. If you come here, Urbanreaders can try some of their menu signatures such as original honey, matcha crunch, snowy oreo, or chocolate biscuit.

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