Relieve Stress With Yoga!

Relieve Stress With Yoga!

Yoga movements not only relax the body, yoga can reduce stress, you know! Stress can happen to anyone regardless of age, young or old can experience it. When stress strikes, the mind becomes confused. Even conditions like this cannot be left alone. Dangerous if not treated immediately. When stressed, what the brain needs is to feel relaxed and calm. Is it true that yoga can reduce stress? Check out the following review according to!

Avoid Myths

The first step, you can get rid of all the prejudices that are holding you back. Only flexible people can do yoga. In fact, people in their 90s can follow it. Yoga is a practice geared towards helping you become aware of your very individual mind/body connection. Yoga is suitable for all levels. So, anyone can benefit, whether young or old.

Take a Beginner Class

The next step, look for a beginner class or look for a class open to all levels. There’s no problem if you want private yoga at home. The most important thing is to find a responsible teacher. Apart from that, also pay attention to the style of yoga that will be done because there are so many different styles of yoga out there.

Maybe you’ll try a few different types of yoga classes until you find the one you like best. There are various types of yoga ranging from Hatha Yoga which is a gentle flowing option, Vinyasa is more athletic, Iyengar concentrates on proper alignment, and many more. The only yoga suitable for beginners is Bikram Yoga or hot yoga.

Don’t worry about movement

When you start yoga don’t worry about being late and missing out on the moves. It’s not about your yoga moves being better or worse than anyone else’s. But rather how you feel each stretch in your own body. The names of the movements and chants are not important. The important thing is how relaxed you can feel.

Understanding Your Body

Yoga is a very personal practice and no two people can and should pose in the same way. It is important to work on your own balance. If the teacher asks you to do something that is not good for your body. Do not do it. If you are going to get hurt your body will warn you. The key is to understand your body.

Concentrate On Your Breath

The goal of yoga is to combine breath with movement. Most teachers will tell you when to inhale and exhale as you hold the poses. Breathe through your nose. The key to yoga for managing stress is to concentrate on your breath.

Indirectly helps you let go of external thoughts and anxieties. How to focus on your breathing by controlling your breath. Feel the inhale coming down your nose and into your body. This will help you let go of worrying thoughts.

Corpse Pose

Every yoga class ends with corpse pose which is designed for relaxation. After you have done the body balancing movement, this pose is the most anticipated. Simply lie on your back with your arms at your sides and your eyes closed, breathing deeply. Looks easy, but difficult to do. Maybe you will occasionally fall asleep while doing corpse pose, but try to keep learning every time you come to yoga class.

Yoga Movements to Relieve Stress

Yoga movements are very diverse, but don’t worry, as a beginner, you can ask an experienced yoga instructor for guidance to avoid injury. Choose appropriate yoga movements to optimize the function of yoga to relieve stress. You can follow the movements below to relieve stress.

Tree Pose

Tree pose is a yoga movement that requires balance. To do this, try standing and balancing your body position like a tree. Then, lift one leg and place the foot on the thigh of the other leg.

Do it slowly and maintain balance so you don’t fall. Hold for a minute, breathe calmly and repeat on the other side of the body. Apart from practicing balance, this yoga movement can strengthen other parts of the body, such as the calves, thighs, spine and ankles.

Child Pose

As the name suggests, try starting by posing like a child. This calm pose helps you rest your mind for a moment. Stretch your back, hips, thighs, knees and wrists. Simultaneously helps the spine, thighs and neck relax more. Regulate your breath and stay calm in this pose for 1-3 minutes. Do this method in a relaxed manner, breathe in clean air and exhale slowly.

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