Mouthwatering South African Street Food

Mouthwatering South African Street Food

South African Street Food is one of the culinary delights that is worth trying while on vacation to the Dark Continent. South Africa turns out to have a lot of delicious snacks that are very easy to find. Not only a snack when gathering with family and relatives, South African street food is also often served as an appetizer menu in restaurants. So, for those of you who are curious about typical South African snacks which are known to have sweet and savory tastes, here is the list.

Bunny Chow

Bunny Chow is also one of the South African street foods that you must taste. This dish is indeed very popular in South Africa and is not only known as a snack, it is also included in the traditional South African food that is most loved by the local people.

Bunny Chow is a dish that is a combination of bread and curry that originates from the Durban Indian community and has become part of South Africa. This dish, which is also known as rabbit, is very easy to find in several Indian restaurants in Cape Town or other cities in South Africa.


The South African street food that you must try next is sosaties. In a way, this one snack is the South African version of kebab which is said to have been introduced by the Malays.

Sosatie is usually made with meat fillings, such as beef, mutton or chicken with a presentation similar to satay, namely by skewering it with apricots and then grilling it. Before grilling, the meat used is marinated overnight with onions, chilies, curry leaves and tamarind. This dish has a savory taste with a smoky aroma that adds to the enjoyment of this one dish.


Have you ever heard of vetkoek? Vetkoek is a street food that is quite popular in South Africa. This vetkoek consists of fried yeast bread filled with cheese, curry or fruit jam. Usually, this vetkoek is served as a snack, breakfast menu or lunch menu. Usually, this vetkoek is also served with tea.


The South African street food that you must try next is biltong. Biltong is a typical South African snack made from beef which is processed in a quite unique way.

The way to make this dish is to dry the beef with vinegar where the vinegar can give a layer of texture and taste. After that, the meat is seasoned with salt, pepper and coriander. This meat is much thicker than jerky and has a more savory taste on the tongue.


This one food comes from South Africa, to be precise from the Cape of Good Hope. The taste is a mix of sweet and spicy. The contents are minced beef, bread and various grains that are roasted or baked.

The marinade is curry seasoning. Made from ginger, marjoram and lemon zest. some add chopped onions in it. This bobotie is baked with raisins. It could also be with bananas, walnuts, or chutney. On top of it is placed a cream topping. This one culinary is said to be a recipe from the Dutch Colonial era. The name in Indonesian is botok. But in Indonesia it is common to use fish or tempeh, not meat, visit stix oriental fl.

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