Let’s Get to Know the Typical Foods of the State of Kuwait

Let’s Get to Know the Typical Foods of the State of Kuwait

Warak Enab

An Arabic dish called Warak Enab is basically filled with grape leaves. The leaves are stuffed with rice, tomatoes, onions, parsley, fresh mint leaves and slowly simmered in a pot of olive oil and lemon juice. The result is a Kuwaiti delicacy that is very creamy with a slightly sour, melt-in-the-mouth taste.

Jireesh or Yireesh

This is another dish from Kuwait that is cooked with chicken or lamb with the addition of various spices and tomatoes. Although for some people the appearance of this food is less attractive, the taste is certainly not inferior to other typical Kuwaiti culinary delights.

Kuboo and Hummus

Kubo is a flatbread made from wheat flour and then baked in a hot oven. Usually this Kubo is eaten with Hummus which is a very popular and traditional Middle Eastern sauce. Hummus consists of ingredients such as ground chickpeas and then mixed with spices and olive oil.

The way hummus is served is quite interesting, this Kuwaiti specialty is served in a plate with a swirl and a hole in the middle and garnished with chopped tomatoes, cucumbers, cilantro, parsley, caramelized onions or even sautéed onions.

Fatayer Zaatar

These are all like sandwiches. Fatayer Lahme is a flatbread filled with minced meat. Fatayer Jibna is a flat bread filled with cheese. Whereas Fatayer Zaatar is more like a pizza topped with thyme, sesame seeds, and some other special herbs and spices.

Machboos Laham

In terms of rice, it is the same as other Middle Eastern countries which mix rice, meat or chicken with strong spices. However, the mention of this special rice in Kuwait is Machboos Laham. Besides Machboos Laham, Kuwait also has other rice dishes that are quite popular, namely Quozi and Maglooba.

Gers Ogaily

This dessert in the form of a typical Kuwaiti cake is named Gers Ogaily, which is a cake with a very strong aroma due to the combination of rose water, cardamom, turmeric and toasted sesame seeds. Its soft and light texture is very suitable to be served after eating.

Gers Ogaily

Do you love cakes and want to take a traditional Kuwaiti cake? If so, don’t miss eating Gers Ogaily which is also popular as a Perfume cake. Gers Ogaily is a well-known traditional cake in Kuwait which has a distinctive aroma due to its ingredients, namely turmeric, rose water, cardamom and toasted sesame seeds. This mouth-watering sponge cake is baked in a bundt cake tin. Eating this exotic perfume cake is the perfect way to end a meal. You will be happy to enjoy this light and fluffy cake. And you can enjoy this food at restaurant the bear creek.

Muttabaq Samak

If Machboos Laham is like biryani rice or mandhi rice, Mutabbaq Samak is different. It is rice and spices cooked with fish as a side. Although processing rice with fish is quite popular in almost all countries adjacent to the Persian Gulf, the Kuwaiti version itself has the characteristic of using zubaidi fish, aka pomfret.


This Kuwaiti culinary is considered a small part that descends from heaven to earth. This Kuwaiti specialty is a dish that has thinly sliced pieces of meat. The meat used is usually chicken, goat, lamb or beef. The meat is cooked slowly so that it is evenly cooked on all sides.

The meat and a few other main ingredients are rolled up in a flatbread. Shawarma is usually eaten with french fries, salad, tabouleh, falafel, hummus or pickled vegetables.


Another traditional delicacy in Kuwait that you should definitely try is Quozi, also known as ‘Ghozi’ or ‘Goozi’. Quozi is a delectable rice-based dish, which is prepared by stuffing a whole lamb with vegetables, beans, rice and herbs and slowly cooking over a submerged or covered oven. The stuffed lamb is then served over seasoned rice. In certain Middle Eastern regions, Quozi is prepared by being buried in a pit filled with burning coal to flavor it with a smoky flavour. Traditionally, this dish is served at important ceremonies, such as weddings.

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