Italian Restaurant in Jakarta Famous for Delizioso Taste

Italian Restaurant in Jakarta Famous for Delizioso Taste

Looking for an Italian Restaurant in Jakarta? The city of Jakarta does have lots of restaurants serving a variety of world dishes, from local to modern culinary delights that you can find in the capital city of Jakarta. One of the typical Italian dishes is also a favorite of Indonesians, but there is good news that you don’t have to go all the way to Italy just to taste Italian specialties, only in Jakarta you can enjoy a variety of Italian specialties that are unique, delicious, and of course a treat. miss you with typical Italian dishes. website

However, not all restaurants serve delicious Italian specialties, and this time you don’t need to be confused anymore, want to stop by which Italian restaurant is recommended? Just read the article below, you will know which restaurants are good and unique serving Italian dishes. Come on, have a look at the article below which will give you recommendations for good Italian restaurants in Jakarta

1. GIA Restaurant & Bar

GIA Restaurant & Bar is highly recommended for those of you who are looking for a luxurious, elegant and romantic restaurant interior. GIA Restaurant & Bar besides having a cool interior, GIA Restaurant & Bar offers delicious Italian dishes including Pasta, Pizza, and various wines ready to spoil you while at GIA Restaurant & Bar. As for taste, there’s no doubt that GIA Restaurant & Bar is indeed famous for its distinctive and delicious taste!

2. Pizza Express

PizzaExpress does have lots of branches in big malls in the city of Jakarta. As the name implies, PizzaExpress serves large pizzas, low prices, and you can adjust the various pizza toppings here to suit your taste buds. The pizza toppings that you can choose here are mozzarella, mushrooms, minced meat, fish, am, and many more topping variants that you can enjoy here. Apart from toppings, you can choose which sauce you want to use. As for taste, there’s no need to doubt that PizzaExpress tastes almost the same as pizza in Italy. Oh, besides pizza, here they also offer a variety of other Italian dishes.

3.De Luca

De Luca is an Italian restaurant that offers a variety of Italian specialties with a distinctive, and delicious taste. has a romantic interior, and is perfect for those of you who are looking for a romantic dinner place in Jakarta De Luca is the right place. De Luca offers meet ball gratin dishes, spaghetti, black ink tagliolini rith scallops, and a variety of unique Italian-style drinks.

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