Gym Equipment Recommendations

Gym Equipment Recommendations for Women Beginners

Just starting a gym membership? Don’t worry! This is good progress for you after you are satisfied with your workout routine at home. In these early days, you may be confused about which gym equipment to start with to be able to train without injury. What’s more, some women may not be comfortable with lifting free weights or barbells, but need to combine resistance training with cardio. A series of gym machines is the best alternative. Therefore, we provide several recommendations for gym equipment for women beginners that you can try according to your needs and abilities. Let’s visit get uber fit!

If you’re new to working out at the gym, in addition to knowing the right exercise equipment to use, understanding how to use it can also help you start your workout with confidence. The following are recommendations for gym equipment for female beginners and how to use them correctly:

1. Smith Machine

The first gym equipment for women beginners on this list is the Smith machine, which is a vertical bar that moves on fixed steel rails. This is a great alternative to free weights or barbells and is safer for those of you who are new to weightlifting. Using a Smith machine, you can perform a variety of exercises, such as squats, bench presses, and shoulder presses – all of which can help increase your muscle mass.

How to use? Don’t worry, this equipment is easy to use, especially for those of you who are new to weightlifting. If you don’t know anything yet, it doesn’t matter, because this tool puts you in a direct position to use it, making it suitable for beginners. When using a Smith machine, also consider your form and maneuver your body around the bar to complete the exercise safely and correctly.

2. Row Machines

Row machine is a gym machine that can provide a total body workout. This tool combines lower body pushing with upper body pulling. You’ll sit in a water rower’s seat and place your feet on the steps while holding the handle, then move up and back, as if you were rowing. It is said that this device was created for training when the weather does not allow for outdoor rowing. Another bonus, row machines are good for women who have problems with their posture. Usually, this is due to sitting or typing in front of a computer for hours. This gym equipment can help strengthen postural muscles, build a stronger back, and improve your posture.

3. Lat Pull Down Machine

The next recommendation for gym equipment for women beginners is the lat pull down machine, which targets the latissimus dorsi or lats (one of the largest muscles in the back), biceps and shoulders. Exercising your lats can help improve posture, protect your spine especially when you exercise, and tone and strengthen the muscles in your back. Pull ups may be one of the exercises that women often avoid, because they are too difficult to do. Well, this tool can help you do that easily. As your pulling strength increases, you can switch to assist pull ups, until you can finally do pull ups without assistance.

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