Frozen Food Recommendations for Home Food to Help During the Fasting Month

Frozen Food Recommendations for Home Food to Help During the Fasting Month

In a few days we will enter the month of fasting, the holy month for Muslims. This is the second fast we are undertaking in the midst of the pandemic, perhaps the second fast is also to undertake it at the same time as WFH. Busy, I can imagine, yes. So, if Mommies want to serve delicious dishes during the fasting month but don’t have the time (plus energy) to cook it yourself, how about ordering frozen food from home?

This is where the role of culinary traders can really make Mommies’ task easier. The following are recommendations for frozen food, food whose taste and freshness are perfectly maintained until it reaches Mommies’ hands and is served on the table.

1. Amaya Kitchen

Apart from selling menus for meat eaters, Amaya Kitchen also provides food for vegetarians. Generally, one package of menu is cooked for 3-4 portions with a price range of IDR 20,000 – IDR 70,000. Cheap, delicious and healthy. Some of the favorite menus that Mommies can try are, Home Made Corned Beef, Fried Chicken with Matah Sauce, Beef Rib Soup, Sauteed Papaya Flowers, Grandma’s Bitter Gourd, not forgetting Makassar’s typical Ijo Banana.

2. Maqan Frozen

Maqan frozen not only sells processed chicken meat menus such as Gohiang Chicken, Chicken Bitterbollen, and Chicken Cordon Bleu but also frozen dumplings, fried duck, Fukien, and bluder bread. Bluder bread with various fillings from Maqan Frozen is truly an idol. Menu prices at Maqa Frozen range from IDR 20,000 – IDR 90,000.

3. Bacilltehdedew

If you are bored with heavy food, try the various unique menus at baciltehdedew such as Kwetiau (gravy and fried) Teh Dedew, Noodles Teh Dedew with Geprek Sauce, or Cilok Bumbu Peanut Teh Dedew with a price range of IDR 15,000 – IDR 25,000 (excluding the price if you buy pack it up, Mommies).

4. Olive Chan (GB Kitchen)

Want to eat delicious and healthy? Olive Chan (GB Kitchen) is the solution. Claims that all the menus are cooked without MSG and are still delicious. GB Kitchen has 500 menus ready to be ordered every day, such as Oriental Chicken Dendeng, Grilled Goza, Potted Crab, and Pickled Mango. Price range IDR 25,000 – IDR 135,000.

5. Fair Sari

For family fans, this product is a must try. The Sari Adil tofu producer, which has been around since 1985, produces nutritious, hygienic tofu, from natural ingredients, and with nutritional quality that is always maintained. Price range from IDR 12,000 to IDR 25,000.

6. DnD Kitchen Soft Bone Chicken

Who’s a fan of soft bone chicken? So, homemade and halal Soft Bone Chicken from DnD Kitchen will be the right choice. Even though it is famous for its soft bone chicken, other menus such as chicken rendang are also worth ordering. Apart from the heavy menu, Mommies can also order dessert jars such as Éclair Cake, Klappertaart, Fruit Salad and macaroni schotel. The price of 1 soft bone broiler chicken is IDR 75,000 and 1 free-range chicken is IDR 100,000. The price for a dessert jar is IDR 30,000.

7. Frozenfamestore

Well, this one is suitable for the type like me, who can only eat deliciously with snacks. Frozenfamestore provides various menu choices such as fried mini wontons, cassava cheese, shrimp and fish dumplings, to yeobbo teokpokki. Price range starts from IDR 7000 – IDR 70,000.

8. Maghte brownies

Krucil likes the brownies Mommies make, but Mommies are too tired to make them? Relax. Try the lyrics to Maghte Brownies, frozen melted brownies…ah never mind, please Mommies taste it yourself. Frozen chocolate brownies with various choices of toppings, namely peanut butter, cream cheese, cashews and cheddar. The price range (depending on the size of the pan) starts from IDR 50,000 – IDR 110,000. And don’t forget to learn more

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