Choose Babysitters or Daycare? These are the advantages and disadvantages

Choose Babysitters or Daycare? These are the advantages and disadvantages

Entrusting their children to babysitters or daycare is usually the choice of working parents and cannot entrust their children to family members or closest relatives. Even though they have quite the same roles, these two child care services have their own advantages and disadvantages, Bun.

Pros and Cons of Babysitters

Professional babysitters or caregivers generally have received training in parenting. Usually, babysitters live with their families so they are more flexible and flexible in caring for children.

In addition, parenting with a babysitter also has other advantages, namely:

Your little one stays at home so they can feel more comfortable and happy. According to research, it is better for children under 3 years to stay at home to avoid the risk of stress, infectious diseases and behavioral disorders

Mothers don’t need to rush to prepare their little one’s needs in the morning, which mothers usually do before leaving their children to daycare

Mothers don’t have to bother dropping them off and picking them up, children are also spared from the stress they might feel on the way
If the child is sick, he can be cared for by a babysitter at home

Children get full attention because there are no other children who are cared for by a babysitter at home

Children can feel more secure and comfortable because they are under the supervision of the same person. However, children still need time to adapt

There are also some babysitters who can make Mother’s work in taking care of children lighter because they can help. For example, helping to make food for your little one

Mothers and fathers can better adjust their schedules and parenting patterns according to working hours.
However, there are some drawbacks in hiring babysitters, including:

The costs incurred for professional babysitters are usually relatively more expensive than daycare

Although generally trained, the quality of each babysitter can be different. This makes some mothers worry about leaving their children with a babysitter, especially when there is no close supervision

The parenting style adopted by the babysitter can be different from the parenting style that Mom and Dad want, so that sometimes it can lead to conflict

A babysitter who suddenly gets sick or says goodbye and doesn’t return may interfere with the mother’s activities and the child’s psychological stability

Finding a suitable babysitter is not easy and takes time. This is certainly difficult if Mother needs to go to work immediately
Children who are cared for by babysitters at home need to be occasionally invited to interact with other people or other children outside the home. So, Mother should also tell her to take her little one outside to play occasionally.

Apart from playing outside, mothers can also enroll their children in early childhood education (PAUD) after they turn 3 years old and ask a babysitter to supervise them.

This is done so that children get optimal teaching and have the opportunity to interact with their peers. PAUD with good teachers and quality can be a place for children to develop with the right stimulation and don’t forget to visit our site to get other interesting information by visit lallipop daycare

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