Benefits that can be obtained for business owners

Benefits that can be obtained for business owners

All you can eat is a food concept that is currently mushrooming in Indonesia. As the name suggests, this concept is quite interesting because buyers can eat as much as they want with just one payment.

Even though the buyer is free to eat as much as he wants, the restaurant will not suffer a loss, you know. On the contrary, this eating concept actually makes business people reap a lot of profits. So, what are the advantages of this one restaurant concept? Come on, check out this article!

Putting a Charge On Leftover Food

Every restaurant that carries the AYCE concept must apply a fine or charge to the customer’s leftover food. So, even though buyers are free to eat as much as they want with the available menu choices for one time payment, they have to pay a fine or charge if there is food left.

Why is food left? This is because the AYCE concept provides a time limit for eating. Moreover, buyers have to cook these menus by themselves. Automatically there is only a little time left to eat food. Well, this whole leftover food is a source of profit for business people.

Self Service Reduces Costs

The advantage of the all you can eat concept for the next businessman is the low cost of spending. This is because the concept of self-service, namely the buyer must take and cook their own food.

This self-service strategy, of course, makes businesses not need many employees. This means that the company’s expenses are very small and because the employees they have are not so many.

With self-service, of course, it is very profitable for business people who apply the AYCE concept. Low expenses are certainly one of the interesting things about this one business.

Previously the AYCE concept was spread in shopping centers, but now many restaurants have implemented the AYCE concept at several crowded points throughout Indonesia.

The mushrooming of AYCE restaurants is certainly a sign that this culinary concept is quite attractive to buyers and has very promising benefits. So, for those of you who want to apply the all you can eat or AYCE concept, here’s the strategy you should apply:

The first all you can eat business strategy that you must apply is to impose a time limit for eating for buyers. Generally restaurants that apply the AYCE concept impose a time limit of 90 minutes to 120 minutes.

The limited time for eating is intended to limit the number of buyers so they don’t have to queue too long. In addition, the main goal of this strategy is so that there is food left over from the buyer. So that the restaurant can provide a charge or fine and don’t forget to visit our site to get other interesting information by Visit the pupuseria mi pueblo

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