Benefits of Stopping Being a Drug Addict

Benefits of Stopping Being a Drug Addict

The arrests of three Indonesian public figures, Reza Artamevia, dangdut singer Imam S Arifin, and chairman of the Association of Indonesian Film Artists (PARFI), Gatot Brajamukti by the National Narcotics Agency (BNN) in the midst of a drug party shocked the public’s ears.

In Indonesia, drug cases have become the main focus of popnonline and the police in handling them. The actions taken by the state apparatus are not only to arrest and kill drug kingpins, but also to rehabilitate drug addicts and educate the general public about drugs.

Drugs that can incite all groups, are really dangerous and detrimental to oneself and the environment. Quoting the page, written on Wednesday (31/8/2016), many individuals start from just trying for fun, before finally becoming drug addicts.

After becoming a drug addict, individuals often experience the chaos of life–no longer productive and even experience psychological and physical damage. To rise from this slump, rehabilitation is the best way to escape being a drug addict. Here are four advantages after stopping being a drug addict.

1. The risk of death decreases

The use of illegal drugs causes individuals to approach death. However, after stopping being a drug addict and living a healthy life, the damaging effects on the body will get smaller.

2. Don’t lose your job

In the crisis phase, not a few drug addicts lose their jobs, due to the increasingly sluggish brain performance. Not to mention the side effects after taking drugs that affect emotions can damage relationships with co-workers or superiors.

However, after parting with drugs, individuals are able to control themselves and work well.

3. Closer and healthier social relations

Generally, drug addicts like to be alone and hang out with others. So that self-relationship with family or partner becomes stretched.

When addicts are able to get out of this vicious circle, they will restore closer social relationships and communicate in a healthy manner.

4. Able to manage emotions

The effects of drugs that attack the psyche are vulnerable to making it difficult for individuals to manage their emotions. When you stop using these illicit goods, individual emotions do not immediately change to normal. But stopping using drugs as soon as possible will help individuals live a life without abnormal emotional turmoil.

If classified based on the type of manufacture, narcotics also have three types of groups, namely:

– Synthetic narcotics, which have gone through a complicated processing process and are often used for medicine and research, for example amphetamine, dexamphetamine, methadone, and others.

– Semi-synthetic narcotics, derived from natural narcotics that have been processed by isolation and extraction, for example heroin, morphine, codeine, and others.

– Natural narcotics, have a high danger of addiction because the ingredients are still strong without any complicated processing, for example marijuana and coca.

Some of the negative health effects that need to be known from drug addiction include dehydration, hallucinations, death, impaired quality of life, decreased level of consciousness, and death.

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