6 Typical Indian Drinks You Must Try, It’s So Fresh!

6 Typical Indian Drinks You Must Try, It’s So Fresh!

One of the countries in South Asia that has culinary and cultural richness is India. Even though Indian culinary is influenced by western culture, it has its own flavor. You don’t need to worry when you visit India, because there are many typical Indian foods and drinks that are suitable for the Indonesian tongue.

India also has a distinctive drink that is refreshing and no less delicious than a variety of domestic drinks. Here are six typical Indian drinks that are really fresh and don’t forget to visit our site to get other interesting information by Visit namasterestaurantstoneham

1. Falooda

One of the most popular fresh drinks in India is falooda. This drink is almost the same as faloodeh from Persia. This drink has many variants, such as kulfi falooda, rabdi falooda and mango falooda and many more.

This falooda is filled with various healthful ingredients, such as basil seeds, milk, sliced almonds, pistachios and cardamom. Uniquely, falooda uses rose syrup and falooda sev which is shaped like vermicelli with various colors.

2. Lassie

For you mango lovers, lassi can be a reference for processed mango menus. This one drink is made from yogurt and fruit juice, usually using mango fruit. However, you can also use other fruit according to taste. In addition to yogurt and fruit, this drink is also added fresh milk and ice. Imagine fresh?

3. Aam Panna

One more cold and refreshing mango drink. However, this time using mangoes that are still raw. Take it easy, the raw mango must be boiled first before blending.

Another mixture that makes this drink even fresher is mint leaves. Moreover, it is added with cumin powder which makes the taste even more unique. Of course you can also add ice cubes to give a refreshing cold sensation.

4. Nimbu pani

In addition to drinks made from mangoes, India also has a special drink made from lemons. Nimbu pani is also called shikanji or shikanjvi in northern India. Meanwhile, in English it is usually called lemonade.

The difference is, nimbu pani is added with cumin powder and chat masala. It is the spices that give the Indian drink its distinctive character.

5. Jal Jeera

Jal jeera is a drink that originates from northern India and is usually served during summer or the Holi festival. Almost like nimbu pani, both use lemon and cumin. But there are other additions that differentiate such as mint leaves, coriander leaves, ginger and tamarind.

This one drink contains more healthful spices. Besides that, a sprinkling of sweet boondi made from peanut flour and ice cubes makes your day fresher.

6. Ice gola

If you want a drink that’s really made of ice, this ice gola is the right choice. This ice is made from shaved ice which is usually given a stick of cinnamon with various colors.

Cinnamon can be replaced with ice sticks in general. Meanwhile, the color comes from various flavored syrups and is served in a bowl or glass. Ice gola is one of the favorite street foods in India, you know.

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