5 Recommendations for Delicious Typical Culinary in Every Japanese Prefecture that You Would Miss If You Missed

5 Recommendations for Delicious Typical Culinary in Every Japanese Prefecture that You Would Miss If You Missed

When visiting Japan, one agenda that must be done is hunting for the most delicious typical culinary delights in the area. Apart from sushi, ramen, curry rice or yakitori, apparently every city in Japan has its own special dishes, you know!

Japan consists of prefectures (provinces), where each prefecture has its own famous culinary specialties sourced from local ingredients. So, it’s not surprising that Sakura Country is called a delicious culinary paradise.

From so many prefectures, here is a list of famous regional specialties based on the prefectures most frequently visited by tourists when visiting Japan, reported on the https://www.fukujapanesegrill.com/ page.

1. Tokyo

As the nation’s capital, Tokyo is certainly the main destination for many tourists when visiting Japan. In this city, there is a snack called monjayaki.

This dish is cooked on a griddle with various vegetable and meat toppings like okonomiyaki, but in a more liquid batter version. Typically, monjayaki is eaten straight from the pan with a small spatula.

2. Hokkaido

Donburi is a Japanese food in the form of a large bowl of white rice with various kinds of side dishes on top such as fish, meat and vegetables in soup. In Hokkaido, you can try various types of donburi with seafood toppings. For example, there is kaisen-don (donburi topped with sashimi) and uni Ikura-don (donburi topped with sea urchin and salmon roe).

Then, there is Hokkaido ramen which is ideally served as a warming winter food. This ramen dish is usually made with tonkotsu (pork stock) seasoned with salt, miso and soy sauce. For noodle lovers, you must come to try a variety of delicious ramen dishes at the famous Ramen Alley culinary area in Sapporo, Hokkaido.

3. Kyoto

Apart from being famous for its traditional dish kyou tsukemono or pickled vegetables typical of Kyoto, this city with various historical places and temples also has a special food called kaiseki ryouri.

Kaiseki ryouri is a traditional Japanese multi-course meal that is often compared to a tea ceremony due to its traditions and etiquette. This is a highly artistic dish that consists of various dishes and is usually served for dinner or lunch.

4. Osaka

Culinary hunters must visit Osaka prefecture because there are many dishes there to try. Starting from the famous okonomiyaki, takoyaki or squid balls, to kushikatsu (a dish of seafood, meat or vegetables cut into bite-sized pieces, skewered and fried). You can also find kitsune udon, namely udon with aburage or fried tofu sheets.

5. Hiroshima

Although better known in Osaka, the okonomiyaki dish in Hiroshima has its own version. Hiroshima okonomiyaki seems thicker because it has more cabbage with the addition of noodle mixture (soba or udon).

The most famous place to try Hiroshima okonomiyaki is at Okonomimura. This four-story building in the Shintenchi district houses a collection of over 25 different stalls each offering a unique okonomiyaki menu.

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