Rugby is a game that is slowly gaining international presence with countries like Europe, Australia, South Africa and America playing rugby at a national level. It is a game that some schools have as part of their curriculum and thus allows children to play sports, know the rules of the game and therefore benefit from training lessons from experts. Apart from the schools that provide the necessary training, there are camps set up during the holidays that allow students to participate in them and benefit from certificates that show that they have knowledge of the basic skills according to hillside jr comets.

Improves physical fitness – Since the game involves running around a rugby field with the aim of making the rugby ball reach the other end, it improves physical fitness. The exercises involved in the training procedure build muscle and bone growth to give their bodies a better structure as they grow older.

Better moral and ethical sense – The game has its own set of rules and thus whether it is a practice session or a competitive match, every player is considered to follow the norms of the game. This involves maintaining strict rules and thus brings a strong sense of morals and ethics in their minds. They can apply the same in various tasks they undertake in life, either in the present or in the future.

Develops a healthy team spirit – While the players of a rugby team play in unison, it brings a sense of positive team spirit in them where they understand the value of healthy competition with other teams and the fact that they have to play for their team to make it win.

Sense of evaluation and concentration – Rugby is a game that requires analysis and judgment while on the field. Players must evaluate the path they need to run down to avoid the opponent and reach with the ball to the other side. It improves their sense of concentration at a young age and thus puts it to good use in their academics as well.

Improves self-esteem – Children often face negative pressure from their environment when they are not strong academically. They tend to have lower self-esteem, but as they learn the skills of the game, they understand that they are capable of making a mark and thus have increased self-esteem.

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