5 Benefits of Watching Music Concerts for Mental Health

5 Benefits of Watching Music Concerts for Mental Health

Are you one person who likes listening to music? Of course, you will get a different experience when watching a live music concert.

Especially if the music concert includes a singer or music group that you like. Of course it’s very fun, isn’t it? After about two years of nothing, finally in 2022 there will be several music concerts being held in Indonesia.

Music concerts themselves are often used as a means of entertainment for some people. It turns out not only that, music concerts also have benefits for your health. This is because a study from the Goldsmith University lecturers’ association stated that musical performances or concerts will help a person live longer.

Can reduce stress levels

When watching a music concert, of course it will make you feel happy. It turns out that this is not without reason. The reason is that when watching a concert the body will increase the production of the hormone dopamine.

Not only that, at the same time the body will produce the hormone cortisol which can reduce a person’s stress levels.

Increase your sense of self-esteem

Many people don’t know that watching a music concert can increase your self-esteem by around 25%. Of course, this will also make you more confident in everyday life

Maintain mental health

Based on one study, it is stated that watching a concert can help improve a person’s mental health by up to 75%. Therefore, you can make watching a music concert an option when you need entertainment to relieve fatigue.

Improve Connections

When you come to a music concert, you will meet thousands of people attending too. This will allow you to improve your connection and is very good for mental health.

Opportunity to Reflect on Life

When listening to a song, have you ever felt flashbacks to a certain moment? It turns out to be true that when we listen to a song it can bring back memories of when we first heard it.

This can help us relive the joy, innocence, lust, disappointment, sadness, regret, or anger of that period.

Apart from that, watching music concerts is also often a kind of therapy where you reflect or contemplate flashbacks of our lives.

Those are some of the benefits of watching music concerts for mental health. So, you don’t need to hesitate when you want to watch a music concert and don’t forget to visit our site to get other interesting information by visit farm fest

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