5 Authentic Indonesian Wines, Have You Tried It?

5 Authentic Indonesian Wines, Have You Tried It?

There are quite a lot of native Indonesian wines and they are often one of the most sought-after wine brands. is a drink made from fermented wine or fruit that contains alcohol. Wine is usually never absent from a lavish banquet table, and is often used as a souvenir.

Not only made abroad, this drink is also widely produced in Indonesia and one of them is made on the island of Bali because almost all local wine plantations and production locations are on the island of Bali. So far, many people think that wine is only produced in various European countries, even though Indonesia also has a number of wine brands that taste no less delicious. What wines are made in Indonesia? Here is the list.

1. Sababay

Quoted from https://thirdwatchlemc.com/ Sababay Wine is the first original Indonesian wine brand that you should taste. Founded in 2010, this wine brand originating from the island of Bali has won many awards.
Sababay grows their grapes in the fertile bulkanic soil in the Buleleng area which has dry as well as sunny weather. The brand offers a variety of red and white wines from sweet to dry. Not only that, they also have sparkling wines such as Moscato de Bali and Lambrusco which can be turned into refreshing cocktails.

For those of you who want to take a peek at the making of local wine produced by Sababay, you can also take part in an interesting winery tour that will add to your experience in tasting various types of wine.

2. Hatten Wine

The next original Indonesian wine that you can’t miss is Hatten Wine. Hatten Wine is an authentic Balinese winery that has been around since 1994 and has been included in the world’s top 10 award-winning wine lists.

Hatten Wine is known as the first wine producer and distributor in Indonesia. This place produces wine from selected grapes and processed with the latest technology. Hatten Wine also has a Two Island brand variant made from imported grapes, namely Chardonnay, Shiraz, Riesling and Cabernet Merlot. If you visit this winery, you can also take a tour around the vineyard, see the process of making wine and wine testing.

3. Cape Discovery Wines

Located in Singaraja, this winery is also known as Sauvignon Blanc which is a favorite of a number of tourists. Some other wine collections are Chardonnay, Rose, Sparkling, Shiraz and Cabernet Merlot.

Not only enjoyed by local people, this product is also a favorite of many foreign tourists visiting Bali. Cape Discovery wine production is spread across three continents, which are grown in Australia, France and New Zealand. Once harvested, the grapes are frozen to capture the essence of the fruit and prevent direct fermentation. The grapes are frozen to ensure that the color, taste and texture of the extracted achieves a smooth finish. well, this part is processed at the Cape Discovery winery in North Bali.

4. Bellissimo

The original Indonesian wine that cannot be missed next is Bellissimo. This wine is produced by the Dima International Wines company, which is one of the largest wine producers in Indonesia. This drink has three main variants, namely Sparkling Moscato, Sparkling Dolce Rosso and Bellissimo Moscato.

This wine has a sweet and concentrated taste, the Bellissimo Moscato variant is made lighter with a lower alcohol content and a more fragrant fruity aroma compared to other wine brands. So it is perfect for you who are drinking wine for the first time.

5. Baliweins

Baliwein is one of the original Indonesian wines which is quite popular. Unlike other producers, Baliwein produces wine whose raw materials are not grapes, but various other local fruits, such as soursop, zalacca, strawberries, cashew and ginger.

Produced by CV Kayubatu, this wine brand has existed since 2003, you know. These Baliwein products already have their own market among tourists because of their unique and varied tastes. This Baliwein has a sour, sweet and astringent taste that blends into one. How unique, right?

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